May. 02, 2024 |

Police and thieves. Some home news: The Long Game, The Signal’s first-ever print extra is now available—a limited-run magazine, exploring the new frontiers of the global conflict between authoritarian states and democratic life.

Created in partnership with the Human Rights Foundation for the Oslo Freedom Forum, the edition features a series of conversations—with the American social scientist Francis Fukuyama, the Bosnian investigative journalist Miranda Patrucić, and others—on questions from how autocrats are adapting artificial intelligence to how corruption inside dictatorships is spreading beyond them, to what the issues of democracy and human rights might end up meaning for your investment strategy.

The Long Game is a first for us—a print edition, a beautiful object, a new exploration of design to realize an idea. It’s also a sign of things to come for a brand we’ve always intended to expand into new mediums. You can read the story behind it in our editor’s note here.

—Hywel Mills