| Michael Bluhm & Liana Fix

An Alternative Germany

How did neo-Nazis become the second most popular party in Germany? Liana Fix on migration, protest votes, and the legacy of National Socialism.
12 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Sergei Guriev

Cash In, Cash Out

How did the Russian government set a revenue record last year? Sergei Guriev on hidden oil tankers, climbing inflation, and the question of being able to afford the war.
10 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Atika Rehman

Street Rules

How did an imprisoned former prime minister just win Pakistan’s general election? Atika Rehman on the transformational clash between the populist cricket star Imran Khan and the country’s powerful military leadership.
12 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Alice Han

Build Your Dreams

China’s BYD has just overtaken Tesla as the world’s biggest EV automaker. What’s next? Alice Han on the competitive advantages and geopolitical risks for an emerging global giant.
13 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Vali Nasr

The Soleimani Gambit

What is Iran up to in the Middle East? Vali Nasr on the Islamic Republic’s strategy to come away as the Gaza war’s biggest winners.
13 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Natan Sachs

Pictures of Israel

What does the war in Gaza mean for the country at home and abroad? Natan Sachs on resilience, doubt, and the challenge of preventing the next October 7.
14 minute read
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