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by Michael Bluhm

A New Geography

How is the pandemic changing who lives where in the world? Richard Florida on the ways Covid-19 has accelerated the widening of existing social divisions.
Economy 13 min read
by Graham Vyse

The Lost Generation

How are the Covid deaths of older Americans affecting life in the U.S.? Brian McGarry on vulnerability, bereavement, and ageism in the pandemic.
Health 10 min read
by Michael Bluhm


What’s happening in Afghanistan? Benjamin Hopkins on why a humanitarian disaster is imminent and how the country was set up to fail over and over again.
Economy 12 min read
by Graham Vyse

Invite Only

Why is the U.S. holding a Summit for Democracy? Joshua Kurlantzick on an American strategy for “defending against authoritarianism.”
Democracy 8 min read
by Michael Bluhm

Now, a Malaria Vaccine

How important is it? Pascaline Dupas on what a major pharmaceutical innovation will mean for economic development and the “dream” of eradicating a disease that over time has killed billions of people.
Health 13 min read
by Graham Vyse

A Season of Waiting

What’s at stake in the changing politics of Covid around the world? Scott L. Greer on the pandemic’s latest mutation and last stages.
Democracy 13 min read
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