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The Reading Atmosphere

by Michael Bluhm

The Trump Organization

How does Donald Trump still dominate the Republican Party? Seth Masket on why it sacrificed one of its highest-ranking members of Congress to appease the former president.
Democracy 13 min read
by Graham Vyse

Learning Curve

Is the U.S. Democratic Party vulnerable in America’s education culture wars? Rick Hess on backlash to the left’s “woke fringe.”
Democracy 13 min read
by Phoebe Maltz Bovy

Law of Dissent

Is contemporary progressivism at odds with Jewish morals? Cathy Young on the significance of a rift in an important part of the American left.
Culture 8 min read
by Michael Bluhm

Telling It Like It Was

Why did the American administration just recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915? Steven Cook on U.S.-Turkey relations and moral values in foreign policy.
Democracy 14 min read
by Graham Vyse

More Perfect

Has the pandemic era changed U.S. attitudes toward government? Suzanne Mettler on Americans’ evolving view of their social contract.
Democracy 12 min read
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