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by Graham Vyse

Law and Order

How safe are America’s elections? Andy Craig on the push to reform the U.S. Electoral Count Act and prevent another January 6.
Democracy 9 min read
by Michael Bluhm

End of an Era

What’s wrong with China’s economy? Jeremy Mark on the property crisis, income inequality, and the need for a new economic model.
Economy 13 min read
by Eric Pfeiffer


What’s driving a wave of criticism against military generals from the American right? Katherine Kuzminski on accusations of a “woke” takeover of the United States’ most trusted institution and how they could reshape its national security.
Democracy 10 min read
by Graham Vyse

Make a Release

Why is the U.S. administration trying to cancel so many Americans’ student debts? Ben Ritz on the policy merits and political calculations of an unusual government initiative.
Democracy 10 min read
by Michael Bluhm

Ground Shift

What do Ukraine’s lightning battlefield gains mean for global politics? Chris Miller on the shifting calculations in Moscow, Beijing, and the West.
Democracy 10 min read
by Graham Vyse


Why is NASA returning to the moon? Joe Pappalardo on the Artemis program, the future of U.S. spaceflight, and the beginnings of a new space race.
Science 10 min read
by Michael Bluhm


Why does Turkey seem to be getting ready to invade northern Syria? Henri Barkey on the tangled interests that will determine whether intensifying military operations turn into war.
Democracy 12 min read
by Graham Vyse

Reverse Flow

Why does U.S. politics seem to be shifting so quickly right now? Julia Azari on Democratic achievements, Republican setbacks, and a changing landscape for this year’s midterm elections.
Democracy 11 min read
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