| Michael Bluhm & Robert Hamilton

The New Art of War

What do Russia’s recent wins on the battlefield mean for the conflict in Ukraine? Robert Hamilton on the high-tech transformation of warfare—and the inevitability of a high-pressure deadlock.
11 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Mujtaba Rahman

The 27 Musketeers

Why can’t Europe’s leaders agree about Europe? Mujtaba Rahman on their disunity in facing the continent’s biggest political and security problems.
12 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Steven Cook

Bitter Friends

What does the U.S. hold on sending bombs to Israel mean for the two countries’ relationship? Steven Cook on the new politics of an old alliance.
11 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Alice Han

Trade War II

What’s at stake in the massive global surge of Chinese high-tech exports? Alice Han on how Beijing’s economic strategy is driving increasing political tension across the West and beyond.
12 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Michael Breen

Obscured by Clouds

Why is North Korea test-launching missiles again? Michael Breen on possible signs of change in the time of Kim Jong-un—and the challenge of seeing them clearly at all.
13 minute read
| Michael Bluhm & Matthias Matthijs

Left Over

Why are farmers taking to the streets in Europe’s cities? Matthias Matthijs on decreasing food prices, increasing climate regulations, and a disappearing way of life.
11 minute read
| Michael Bluhm

Trust, but Verify

How has the war in Ukraine affected the alliance between Russia and China? Sergey Radchenko on great-power politics, Moscow’s growing energy exports, and Beijing’s new sway.
10 minute read
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