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by Michael Bluhm

Great Expectations

Why are Joe Biden’s approval ratings dropping in U.S. opinion polls? David A. Hopkins on presidential popularity in a polarized age.
Democracy 11 min read
by Graham Vyse

‘They’re Not Sending You’

Why is a fear that domestic political enemies are using foreigners to “replace” native-born citizens gaining ground in right-wing politics? Oren Segal on how a fringe idea has gone mainstream.
Democracy 11 min read
by Eve Olivette

Not Themselves

What’s the trauma of forced displacement doing to the world’s millions of refugees? Essam Daod on the scale and challenge of a global mental-health crisis.
Health 14 min read
by Michael Bluhm

Test Flights

Why is China flying extraordinary bombing formations toward Taiwan? Bonnie Glaser on the tense balancing act among Beijing, Taipei, and Washington.
Democracy 13 min read
by Graham Vyse

Common Ground

How divided are Americans in arguments over public education? Daniel Cox on the surprising consensus lost in the conflict.
Democracy 12 min read
by Graham Vyse


Why is Joe Biden continuing a Donald Trump border policy? Theresa Cardinal Brown on the return of conflict over immigration in American politics.
Democracy 14 min read
by Michael Bluhm

Works in Progress

How fragile is democracy? Fredo Arias-King on post-communist Europe, Latin America, and the resilience of democratic societies.
Democracy 10 min read
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